BP Usage Meter is based on the Bigpond Usage Meter v4.3 by Unique Windows Gadgets.

If the gadget downloads as a .zip file just rename the .zip part to .gadget and it should install as normal.
For Windows 8/8.1/10 Users: You'll need to install an application like 8GadgetPack to install gadgets as Windows doesn't support them natively anymore.

Latest Versions
Stable Beta
v3.0.0 - Download
  • Complete rewrite
  • Bug Fixes
  • New Settings
    1. Count unrated usage as metered usage
    2. Use mixed data units (MB, GB, TB) instead of just GB
    3. "As of" label only (i.e. no "UPDATE FAILED" messages only last successful)
    4. Enabled/Disable methods from the gadget settings

Previous Versions

v2.0.2 - Added error logging and account username display - Download
v2.0.1 - Adds a fix for a change on the Bigpond Usage Page. - Download
v2.0.0 - Merged all versions of the gadget into a single gadget. Should now work with all known usage meter pages. - Download
v1.3i - Fix for some versions of the Usage meter page. - Download
v1.3 - At some points in the month Bigpond remove some details from the usage page (for reasons only they know). This version no longer relies on that missing data - Download
v1.2 - Bug Fix - Download
v1.1 - [Setting] Decimal place accuracy, [Setting] Mouseover detail, [Flyout] More Account Details - Download
v1.0 - Initial Release - Download